Welcome to Quirky Idea

Photo: Charles Jackson | Unsplash

I’m Annie Zalezsak (but people call me Annie Zed) and I’m the founder of Quirky Idea Inc.

Quirky Idea (quirkyidea.com) has been around since 2010 as the freelance name under which I offered various graphic design services while holding down a day job. Quirky Idea Inc was incorporated in 2020 and we’ve just launched our new website at quirkyidea.ca. (We may hang onto our old website design at our .com for a brief time, just as an example of a different platform and style of website.)

Since the dawn of my career many moons ago, I’ve been a graphic designer and communications specialist as an employee and a business owner. This year, I decided to seriously package up all the knowledge and skills I’ve accumulated, and offer them wholistically, because that’s my edge. It’s what I uniquely have to offer; it’s what I’m good at; it’s what I take pride in and get great satisfaction from: helping you put forward your best self!

Please read more on the quirkyidea.ca website. If it resonates, contact me. I look forward to working with you!