Connect with your community. And beyond!

No doubt about it: if you’re in business, you need some kind of online presence. There are so many platform options to choose from, and you’ll want to use what’s best for your audience.

We’ve been designing websites since 2001. Whether you want a brochure-style website, a blog, a social media page (or all of the above), talk to us first. We’ll help you assess your needs and guide you in the right direction.

Here’s the first piece of advice: don’t jump in and register just any domain name with just any domain registrar. This is an important matter to think through. Your domain should be short, relevant and memorable, and ideally registered with the same hosting provider you’ll use. And when it comes to web design, remember that bells and whistles may impress for a few seconds, but time is precious. To be truly useful, your website must not distract from ‘the point’ (less is more). The information presented should be clear and concise.

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